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Baptism in the Church



God gives each one of us the freedom to discover who we are in the world He created. At the same time, He offers us His love as the foundation of our life. That love comes to its fullest light in the story of Jesus, who shows us who God is, how He is completely committed to us, who we are created to be and how we can have a real relationship with God. Baptism provides us with an opportunity to join in a companionship with others who seek to follow Jesus and his way of life. It is, therefore, a ceremony, a sacrament, in which the one who is baptized becomes a member of  that special fellowship.  Baptism, at any age, is a crucial moment in life. It happens once and for all, and should not be entered into because "it's the thing to do" or to please someone else. Although baptism creates membership in the whole world-wide christian fellowship, the ceremony, or Sacrament of Holy Baptism, takes place when a local community of believers gathers around the Lord's Table for regular worship and praise. They are present to joyfully welcome the new member, usually on a special occasion in the life of fellowship.


The significance of baptism in a person's life means some preparation is needed by all those involved, including sponsors and parents. At least three meetings must be attended, at which serious participation will explore the meaning and responsibilities of baptism. Where infants or young children are to be baptized, it is expected that the parents will become worshiping members of Christ Church.


"If the faith and commitment of parents is such that their children cannot conceivably be left out of this covenant relationship with God, they will bring their children to be baptized; thus, from the very beginning, they will be fully members of the community of faith in which they will grow up." 

- Canon John Hill


All those seeking Baptism should contact the parish priest after Sunday worship or phone - 416-261-4169.


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