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WORSHIP  |  Marriage in the Church (Weddings)

Marriage in the Church (Weddings)


Couples are married in the church because they wish to have a religious ceremony, not just a social occasion in a pretty building with a religious touch. They desire to make their commitment (vows) to each other blessed by God, who is already part of their lives. The "Wedding" signals the start of a day of celebration which may include dinners, receptions and other events of fellowship. It is a sacrament of the church to which members of the congregation and other guests are invited to participate as witnesses to an important event in the lives of two people.


Because the "Wedding" is at most only a few hours and the "Marriage" is a lifetime, couples are required to attend a Marriage Preparation Programme designed to help them successfully navigate the transition from engagement to a solid and fulfilling life together.


Weddings can be small and private, or involve over a hundred enthusiastic well-wishers. The whole wedding day should reflect the couples' needs and the resources they bring to the event. A meeting with the priest should be arranged early in the planning process. 

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